H-IQ (Hunter Imagination Questionnaire) is the first measurement that charts the growth of imagination, the ideation capacity that generates ideas that lead to creativity and innovation. Measurement helps grow your imagination skills.

“If you measure it, it will improve” is a reversal of the common business adage “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

With H-IQ, we reverse the adage because only you can manage your imagination.

Imagination is a process of conscious and subconscious thought; an interaction of disciplined thought and flights of fancy; a hybrid of experience and desire. Imagination is the act of forming new ideas. It is an act that you consciously choose to engage in. So, like the runner who records her personal best, the golfer who knows his handicap; you can track your imagination. H-IQ gives you a guide to help you improve. If you don’t have a benchmark, how can you know if you are improving?

“If I measure it, my imagination will improve.”

Jung, Rex E., Ranee A. Flores, and Dan Hunter. “A New Measure of Imagination Ability: Anatomical Brain Imaging Correlates.” Frontiers in Psychology 7 (2016): 496. PMC. Web. 8 Sept. 2016.

MRI scans show H-IQ scores correlate to brain structure

H-IQ, developed by Dan Hunter, has proven accuracy established through neurological testing with MRI scans of brain structure. In the summer of 2015, Dr. Rex Jung, Department of Neurosurgery and Psychology, University of New Mexico, conducted research of the neurological correlates of the H-IQ using MRI scans of brain structure. MRI measurements of the thickness of particular regions of the cerebral cortex, including the orbital frontal cortex and hippocampus, have established that H-IQ scores correlate with brain structures long associated with imagination and creativity. The Frontiers of Psychology, an open access peer-reviewed journal, published the test results and analysis of H-IQ on March 22, 2016, A New Measure of Imagination Ability: Anatomical Brain Imaging Correlates, (Jung, Flores, Hunter):

  • H-IQ provides an external gauge of growth to inform policies, curriculum, and teaching practices.
  • H-IQ challenges each individual to develop his or her imagination.
  • H-IQ offers a time efficient and cost effective assessment.
  • Using H-IQ, assumptions about creativity can now be tested. For example, what curriculum improves creativity? Is it true that imagination and creativity dissipate as we age? H-IQ will measure the success or failure of programs that claim to enhance creativity.


H-IQ challenges each individual to develop his or her imagination, and establishes a sense of individual responsibility for innovation and creativity. How can you measure and improve creative potential?


Innovation is a powerful economic driver, making creativity one of the most necessary skills for the 21st century. Schools are expected to teach students to be creative. How can we measure if certain programs are having an impact on creativity?


The ability to make connections is the generator of all progress. For a modern business to survive, it must cultivate an innovative workforce.”How do we know what works to enhance creativity? Can you measure your employees’ creative capacity?