H-IQ was developed by Dan Hunter and has proven accuracy established through neurological testing with MRI scans of brain structure. Watch the video to learn more about how H-IQ can help you unleash your potential.

Pandemic Panacea is a collection of cartoons juxtaposing old magazine photos with crisp new captions. These absurdist cartoons are reminiscent of Gary Larson. Each cartoon first appeared as a postcard sent to a friend to share a laugh.

Are you seeking creativity? Innovation?

You can only imagine…

H-IQ helps you grow the power of your imagination.



H-IQ (Hunter Imagination Questionnaire) is the first measurement that charts the growth of individual imagination and ideation capacity that leads to creativity and innovation. H-IQ launches you into your creative process, to generate ideas that are vital to you, your work and your life.


Every human being is endowed with imagination. It is a fundamental human skill, necessary for human evolution. The Hunter Imagination Questionnaire allows you to explore your imagination, to challenge you to generate ideas that you are passionate about and to implement them.

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H-IQ helps a student find individual purpose and improve creativity. It is an assessment that connects her with her own thinking, her own dreams and her own imagination. In the process, H-IQ can guide schools to adjust curricula, teaching methods, and classroom activities to promote student creativity.

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H-IQ immediately engages your employees—your team—in the creative process. H-IQ stimulates employee thinking and H-IQ allows you to track the growth of your company’s capacity for ideation leading to innovation.

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Dan Hunter, an inspiring presenter and performer, is now available for speaking engagements about H-IQ, creativity and imagination.

Every innovation, every spark of creativity begins in imagination.

Launch your creativity and cultivate your imagination with H-IQ.


Dan Hunter’s musings on creativity, imagination and innovation in neuroscience.

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