Dan Hunter, an inspiring presenter and performer, is now available for speaking engagements about H-IQ, creativity and imagination.

At your conference, workshop, or small group presentation,
Dan Hunter can lead an engaging and informative session on a variety of topics, including:

Individual Creativity


Dan Hunter talks about how to use your imagination to generate ideas to benefit you. The imagination that leads to creativity is present in all of us, yet few of us focus our imaginations to achieve our goals. Imagination—drawing on past experience, simulating outcomes and strategic planning—is a skill we all have.

Hunter’s speech will explain H-IQ and will help you channel your imagination.

Hunter argues that it is time to move beyond the notion of genius as a superior, unique genetic gift to focus on genius as passion and dedication to do the work. In ancient Rome, genius meant your essential spirit. Hunter’s talk will set you down the path to finding your genius.

Creativity in Education


Schools are expected to teach students to be creative. But, how do we know what works to develop student creativity? How do we know if creative skills are increasing in individuals, students and in the workforce? Educators are asking for more student assessments that go beyond standardized testing to include the measurement of creativity.

Our society values most what can be measured. Hunter discusses the challenge of measuring imagination to increase its value in schools, business and government. He will evaluate creativity assessments including divergent thinking tests, measures of personality style, and new measures of imagination. He’ll ask how these assessments can best serve the individual.

Dan Hunter will discuss the challenges and opportunities for school districts, schools, and classroom teachers to implement creative practices for students.

Imagination, Creativity and Brain Science


Dan Hunter will examine the latest neuroscience of creativity and apply this knowledge towards implementing a culture of creativity in a school district. We will also explore the ways in which individuals at any age generate ideas, improve imagination and develop innovation.

Finally, Hunter will examine the role of assessment in developing creativity using the latest neuroimaging research combined with practical field testing.

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Dan Hunter’s Speaking Highlights


2011 KACES Arts and Culture Education Symposium, keynote: Measuring Creativity, Korean Arts and Culture Education Services, Seoul, Korea, Dec. 2, 2011

Creative Alberta’s Imagination Conversation, Workshop Leader, Edmonton, Alberta, May 17, 2012



National Education Conference, American Superintendent Association, Assessing Creativity in the Classroom, workshop, New Orleans, LA, March 2, 2017

Creativity Expert Exchange, Buffalo State University of New York, Master Class, May 21, 2013

Arts Education Partnership, National Forum, Workshop Leader, Washington DC, May 6 2011

Arts Administration Educators, Cultural Entrepreneurship, keynote Boston University, April 4, 2011

Grantmakers in the Arts, national conference, seminar, Brooklyn, NY October 20, 2009

National Conference of the League of Historic Theaters, keynote, Boston, MA, July 28, 2007

National Conference of Community Music Schools, keynote, Boston, MA November 18, 2004


Dan Hunter testifying on behalf of adjunct teachers before the Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committee on Higher Education. June 29, 2017.

State & Regional

Oklahoma State Department of Education, Teacher Workshops in Creativity, July 8, 9, 2015

Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education, Statewide Conference, keynote, Lancaster, PA April 24, 2014

New England Museum Association, workshop leader, November 14, 2013

Heritage Nebraska, keynote, Fremont, NE, May 21, 2010

Mass. Alliance for Arts Education, awarded 2010 Champion of Arts Education, keynote, Dartmouth, MA November 14, 2009

Connecticut Commission on the Arts, Statewide Arts Summit, keynote, Hartford, CT, February 6, 2007

Arts Educators statewide conference, keynote, Hyannis, MA November 4, 2007

Bay Area Theater Conference, keynote, San Francisco, CA September 25, 2006

Nebraska Historical Society, keynote, Lincoln Nebraska, October 6, 2006

Colorado Council on the Arts, keynote, Denver, CO, December 9, 2005



Massachusetts College of Art, Creative Careers, keynote, May 24, 2012

Phillips Exeter Academy, keynote school assembly, Exeter, NH, April 4, 2012

Goucher College, Commencement Speech, Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, August 7, 2005